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Your PETALHOME linens have been designed using the finest materials, and with proper care will grace your home for years to come. This simple guide will address everyday care and provide helpful hints to ensure the longevity of your PETALHOME linens. Many of our products are made from natural fibres that can be machine-washed at home; however please do read the care label on each item for best results.


Our linens are pre- washed and perfectly packed for use so a pre- wash is not necessary.

If you insist washing it before using them, be sure to fully unfold, set the machine to include a cold pre-soak, and use minimal liquid detergent.

Use of a fabric softener (liquid or dryer sheets) is not recommended for any fine linens, as it coats and weakens natural fibres. Your luxury linens will soften naturally with frequent use and additional washings.

We recommend using three sets of bed linens in rotation: one on the bed, one in the wash, one in the linen closet. This will allow each set a rest from use and a rest from wash. Similarly, we recommend that you wash matching linens (e.g. sheets and pillowcases) together, as each piece should be cared for similarly regardless of whether or not it is soiled (or even, used) to help maintain colour consistency and brightness.

Remove jewellery and watches, or other accessories that may damage fibres while sleeping. The added abrasion can—over time—break down the fibres, possibly resulting in pilling.

Take care when drawing up your sheets or shimmying a pillow into its case: pull from below the hem not on or above the hemstitch, lace detail, or embroidery so as not to subject these delicate threads to undue stress.

Avoid laundering fine linens with other items, especially those containing polyester, and items made of heavy material, rivets, buttons, zippers, etc., (for example, denim jeans) as these can damage fibres and fabric.

Do not overload the washing machine, as this can cause unnecessary abrasion